Janos Killius

           Born:            1986

    Nationality:     Australian / German


English / German


In 2007 I started as a camera assistant in Australia. Since then I moved to London where I have been working internationally as a cameraman/DOP on various TV productions, commercials, documentaries, short films, music videos, independent projects and live events such as London Fashion Week and BAFTA awards. (See credits)

I enjoy bringing scripts and ideas to life through my broad experience with lighting and composition, enhancing the story the way the director envisions. To produce the best quality material I also take in consideration post production workflows and editing/grading methods.

I have extensive experience with various film & digital cameras from large format super 35mm cameras to minicams and hotheads. Having built close relationships with multiple hire facilities, I have access to all the tools needed for any production format.

Currently I am based in London UK and Helsinki Finland, and available to work worldwide.